YHM Phantom 5.56mm Comp/Flash Hider - Aggressive
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YHM Phantom 5.56mm Comp/Flash Hider - Aggressive

Pair this with the AV-2 and your Ruger Mini will look wicked!

The popular 5C2 Comp/Flash Hider is one of our oldest, most well known product we have made.  It is designed for 5.56mm Cartridge. This 5 port design has no downward facing port which helps eliminate dust problems when shooting in the prone position. This flash hider has an aggressive front end for use in hand to hand situations, but we also manufacture a smooth version for those who may not like the aggressive endcuts.

For 1/2"-28 threaded barrels only. Includes crush washer.

  • Item #: YHM-28-5C2
  • Manufacturer: YHM
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: YHM-28-5C2
  • Condition: New

YHM Phantom 5.56mm Comp/Flash Hider - Aggressive

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