Victorinox Huntsman Boy Scout Knife
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Victorinox Huntsman Boy Scout Knife

The 3 1/2" Huntsman Boy Scout includes everything needed by the avid outdoorsman and is licensed by the Boy Scouts of America®. Outfitted with blades, scissors and screwdrivers, the Huntsman is a complete pocket tool in a compact design. All Swiss Army Knives carry a lifetime warranty, stainless steel implements and unsurpassed quality and functionality.

  1. large blade
  2. small blade
  3. screwdriver
  4. cap lifter with
  5. -screwdriver
  6. -wire stripper
  7. reamer
  8. Key ring inox
  9. tweezers
  10. toothpick
  11. scissors
  12. multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
  13. wood saw


  • Item #: 55201
  • Manufacturer: Victorinox
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 55201
  • Condition: New

Victorinox Huntsman Boy Scout Knife

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