The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills
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The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques

Here for the first time in one place is everything you will ever need to know in order to survive just about any difficult or dangerous situation. Drawing from dozens of the U.S. Army’s official field manuals, editor Jay McCullough has culled a thousand pages of the most useful and curious tidbits for the would-be soldier, historian, movie-maker, writer, or survivalist—including techniques on first aid; survival in the hottest or coldest of climates; finding or building life-saving shelters; surviving nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks; physical and mental fitness, and how to find food and water anywhere, anytime. With hundreds of photographs and illustrations showing everything from edible plants to rare skin diseases of the jungle, every page reveals how useful Army knowledge can be.

  • Paperback: 962 pages

  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (September 2007)

  • Language: English


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The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills

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