SOL Survival Medic in a Dry Bag
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 The SOL Survival Medic Survival Kit features emergency essentials protected in a watertight dry bag. Care for small cuts and scrapes with triple antiseptic wipes, alchol prep pads, fabric bandages, and knuckle bandages. Mange oain and illness with ibuprofen. Start campfires or a camp stove with the Fire Lite Micro Starter, capable of producing 5,000 sparks. Use a piece of Tinder Quik to quickly start a fire, even when wet. Wrap yourself or others in the bright orange SOL Emeregency Blkanket that is easily seen and reflects 90% of body heat. Signal for help with the Slim Rescue Howler Whistle that is audible over one mile away. Keep your survival essentials dry in the included dry bag with a clear front.

  • Item #: 0140-1748
  • Manufacturer: Adventure Medical Kits
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Test
  • Condition: New

SOL Survival Medic in a Dry Bag

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