ResQBrite Signal Panel
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ResQBrite Signal Panel 

The ResQBrite Signal Panel (tm) by Survival Metrics.When your survival is at risk, you need to be able to signal to potential rescuers and aircraft who may be looking for you. The ResQBrite Signal Panel (tm) by Survival Metrics is designed to complement your signaling abilities in a survival scenario. It provides a high-visibility and high-contrast signal that stands out from natural environments to mark your location. Modeled after military-style VS-17 panels, but with a critical difference in its nighttime application. Lightweight and compact, the ResQBrite Signal Panel (tm) also has illumination strips on both sides of the panel that reflect direct light. This provides contrast during the day, and at night will reflect direct light from flashlights and searchlights. Grommets on all corners allow the panel to be tied to objects or for attaching several together for a larger signal. The carry pouch can be clipped onto the attachment point sewn directly onto the panel, and is reversible to a subdued earth color for tactical and military applications.


  • 2 feet x 2 feet, and bright orange in color.
  • Reflective directional tape on each side of panel for light illumination at night.
  • Corner grommets for attachment to branches, or for linking together.
  • Ultralight RipStop nylon material.
  • Carry pouch : 4.25 in. x 4 in. x 0.5 in., bright orange, reversible to subdued.
  • Carry pouch attachment to panel by hook/clip for positive security.
  • Creates excellent daytime signal for aircraft or search teams. Night time illumination of panel by directional light for signaling and site marking.
  • Made in the USA and Berry Amendment Compliant!

Be Certain You Can Be Seen in a Survival Situation! Be Sure with the ResQBrite Signal Panel (tm) by Survival Metrics!

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ResQBrite Signal Panel

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