Mo-Rod 2.875" Barrel Stabilizer/Accurizer for Ruger Mini-14
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The Mo-Rod...

  • Dissipates heat from the barrel rapidly during firing.
  • Improves accuracy, tightening up target groups.
  • Provides barrel rigidity and stability, even when the barrel heats up.

The Mo-Rod is simply the best-valued stabilizer/accurizer available for the Ruger Mini-14. Its design includes an extra strong 3-anchor-point mounting system, using our no-budge new generation custom Mo-Rod clamps, and our precision “rib” slot connection for the front of the gas block. Professionally milled using 6061 T-6 high-quality aircraft aluminum and 300-series stainless steel, the Mo-Rod fits and looks as if it was designed by the factory. Built from American materials, the Mo-Rod is a quality accessory, and yet the most economically priced product of its kind available. Installation is fast & easy, and detailed instructions & tools are included! The Mo-Rod requires no permanent alteration to the rifle whatsoever. If desired, it can be removed without leaving a trace. Many Mini-14 owners have reported fabulous results after installing the Mo-Rod. The Mo-Rod is fast becoming the industry standard for barrel stabilizer products of its kind.

Application Guide

Mo-Rod 2.875" GB/Mini

- Fits GB/Government model with bayonet lug 

- Available in black anodized (“blued”).


ASI Tuneable Gas Block: The Mo-Rod will not work with this product due to interference with the adjustment screw.





  • Item #: MR3
  • Manufacturer: Mo-Rod
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MR3
  • Condition: New

Mo-Rod 2.875" Barrel Stabilizer/Accurizer for Ruger Mini-14

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