Maratac Titanium Split Pea Lighter
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Titanium 6AL4V series titanium grade 5 (heat colorable) can be easily customized
(titanium is often referred to as God's metal)

  • Removable Solid Brass lighter insert allows it to be used as a waterproof pill vial
  • All Peanut Lighters™ are made exclusively by CountyComm
  • Comes with Spare Flints
  • Split Pea ( .5" x 1.3" ) Weight 14.3 Grams
  • Split ring is 300 grade Stainless Steel

Make sure to keep one in your: First Aid Kit, EDC / Prepper Bag, Car, Kitchen, Backpack…

Remember you will always need a knife and fire to survive in the wilderness.

  • Item #: MAR042
  • Manufacturer: Maratac
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MAR042
  • Condition: New

Maratac Titanium Split Pea Lighter

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