ESBIT Pocket Stove w/ fuel
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ESBIT Large Pocket Stove w/ fuel

Ideal for backpacking, camping, or your home or automobile emergency kit, these small, compact stoves fold and can fit right inside your pocket. With three selectable cooking grades, this Esbit® pocket stove is perfect for using with cups, pots, and pans. It includes 12 Esbit® 14g solid fuel tablets that will burn for approximately 12 minutes each. This stove is constructed from durable, galvanized steel, and it measures approximately 5.2"" x 3.8"" x 1.5"" overall.

  • Item #: esb02890
  • Manufacturer: Esbit
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: esb02890
  • Condition: New

ESBIT Large Pocket Stove w/ fuel

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