Amega Mini-Scout-Mount for Ruger Mini 14/30
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Amega Mini-Scout-Mount for Ruger Mini 14/30

This brainchild of Bill Ruger hails from the enduring designs of John C. Garand, and is one of the most popular utility rifles ever produced in the USA.  Now you can upgrade yours to a scout format that will accept the latest technology available in modern sight systems, lasers, tactical flashlights, etc.

FOUR MODELS are available that cover almost every version of Mini-14 ever made.

The ORIGINAL Mini-Scout-Mount™14 fits every serial number range manufactured prior to 2007 (before the 580 Series), including Ranch Rifles and AC556. These are available in Flat Black.  There is even one for the early GB Side-Folding stock with the forward sling swivel mounted on the side of the gas block. 

The NEW Mini-Scout-Mount™III will fit all three caliber (.223, 7.62x39 and 6.8) versions of the 580 and up series (.223, 6.8spc, and 7.62x39) with the heavier “flanged” barrel.  It will also fit the Target Models with barrel tuners.  These are available in Flat Black.

The ORIGINAL Mini-Scout-Mount™ for the original (pre 2005) Mini 30 is now available again.


Check your Barrel

Make sure you order the right mount for your barrel.
See the photographs below to identify your barrel.

mini 14 GB

mini 14 original and flanged barrel


original and flanged barrel

  • Item #: Mini-Scout-Mount
  • Manufacturer: Amega Ranges Inc
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Mini-Scout-Mount
  • Condition: New

Amega Mini-Scout-Mount for Ruger Mini 14/30

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