Accu-Strut SOCOM Barrel strut for Ruger Minis - SS
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Accu-Strut SOCOM Barrel strut for Ruger Minis

Short barrel strut for Mini-14 and Mini-30 rifles. Provides mechanical rigidity for thin carbine barrel, potentially reducing accuracy-killing vibrations. The 4-inch single-clamp configuration gives a good compromise between performance and lightweight, compact design. Improvement varies with individual rifle. In some cases there is no noticeable improvement in accuracy. 

   The Socom model was developed for the new short-barrel tactical Minis now being offered. It will also serve customers who have Minis with standard long barrels but prefer a lighter, more compact design.

  • Shorter, single-clamp version for short tactical barrels or more compact application.

  • Also significantly aids in barrel over-heating problems, reduces load sensitivity, and enhances the appearance of your Mini.

  • Proprietary low-profile barrel clamp.

  • Available in black oxide (“blued”) finish.


  • Length: 4” The Socom, originally offered in a 5" length, is now produced in a length of 4".  We do not have any 5" SOCOMS left in stock..
  • Weight: 5.6 oz.

The Accu-strut will generally fit on any series Mini-14 or Mini-30, except for some important exceptions:

  • Early Minis use a version of the gas block that does not incorporate a center flange. The strut will still install on these models, but note that there will be no place to attach the rear set-screws. This may lead to a slippage problem with no easy way to fix.

  • Early GB models with folding stock also have a special version of the gasblock that have a side attachment point for the sling, and no center flange. Again, no rear attachment point, and possible slippage problems.

  • It was originally reported that the current Mini-30 also has a larger barrel diameter than earlier models, and the clamps will again not fit. (Older Mini-30s w/.625" barrels are OK.) UPDATE: Some of our customers have reported successful installations with the clamps "straddling" the barrel (a "pinch-grip"). This will leave a gap towards the middle of the clamp that will not affect performance.

  • The Target Model has an extra heavy barrel. Our custom-designed (5/8") clamps will not accomodate this larger diameter.

Socom (4") Model

Short "Tactical" model

Older straight-profile 9/16" barrel

New tapered 5/8" barrel


  • Fits most short-barrel (16-1/8”) Mini-14 and Mini-30, including Tactical models, 2008 NRA models, and modified rifles.
  • Fits tactical Mini-30. Clamps will straddle the newer models with .782" barrel, leaving a slight gap between the clamp and barrel that will not affect performance.
  • Will fit full-length barrels, however accurizing effect may be less pronounced.
  • 5" will not fit rifles with mid-barrel bayonet lugs (i.e. older GB models). The 4" will usually fit.
  • Flangeless gasblocks: not recommended, as there is no rear attachment point.
  • Will not fit on "Target" models due to the much larger barrels.




Harris bipod adaptor: strut sits forward a bit to accommodate "forks". May not be able to use the rear set-screws.

ASI Tuneable Gas Block: The Accu-strut will not work with this product due to interference with the adjustment screw.

Ultimak rail: Rear clamp must be shifted forward a bit to clear extended rail.

Amega Ranges rail: installs with no modification.

  • Manufacturer: ACCU-STRUT
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ACCU-STRUT-SOCOM-Silver
  • Condition: New

Accu-Strut SOCOM Barrel strut for Ruger Minis - SS

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