Accu-Strut LT Barrel strut for Ruger Minis - Black
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Barrel strut for Mini-14 and Mini-30 rifles. Provides mechanical rigidity for thin carbine barrel, reducing accuracy-killing vibrations. The 6-inch 2-clamp configuration gives your best opportunity for performance increases. Typical improvement is 50-75% reduction in group size for earlier straight-barrel rifles, and up to 33% on the new tapered barrels. Your actual experience will vary.

  • Undamped, lightweight version of the original Accu-strut.

  • Also significantly aids in barrel over-heating problems, reduces load sensitivity, and enhances the appearance of your Mini.

  • Proprietary Flex-clamp design accomodates newer tapered barrels, an Accu-strut exclusive.

  • Available in black oxide (“blued”), stainless steel, or combination finish.


  • Length: 5-7/8"
  • Weight: 8.0 oz

The Accu-strut will generally fit on any series Mini-14 or Mini-30, except for some important exceptions:

  • Early Minis use a version of the gas block that does not incorporate a center flange. The strut will still install on these models, but note that there will be no place to attach the rear set-screws. This may lead to a slippage problem with no easy way to fix.

  • Early GB models with folding stock also have a special version of the gasblock that have a side attachment point for the sling, and no center flange. Again, no rear attachment point, and possible slippage problems.

  • It was originally reported that the current Mini-30 also has a larger barrel diameter than earlier models, and the clamps will again not fit. (Older Mini-30s w/.625" barrels are OK.) UPDATE: Some of our customers have reported successful installations with the clamps "straddling" the barrel (a "pinch-grip"). This will leave a gap towards the middle of the clamp that will not affect performance.

  • The Target Model has an extra heavy barrel. Our custom-designed (5/8") clamps will not accomodate this larger diameter.

2-Clamp Models (LT, XDrill)


Older straight-profile 9/16" barrel



New tapered 5/8" barrel


  • For Ruger Mini-14 with full-length barrels, including the newer tapered style.
  • Fits Mini-30 with full-length barrels. Clamps will straddle the newer models with .782" barrel, leaving a slight gap between the clamp and barrel that will not affect performance.
  • Not recommended for tapered 16” short barrel versions with flash hider as clamps will be positioned too closely together. OK for models without the flash hider.
  • Will not fit early 180-series, as rear of strut will interfere with sling installation point.
  • Will not fit rifles with mid-barrel bayonet lugs (i.e. older GB models).
  • "Flange-less" gasblocks: strut will install but may have slippage.
  • Will not fit on "Target" models (barrel diameter too large).


Harris bipod adaptor
: strut sits forward a bit to accommodate "forks". May not be able to use the rear set-screws.

ASI Tuneable Gas Block: The Accu-strut will not work with this product due to interference with the adjustment screw.

Ultimak rail: Rear clamp must be shifted forward a bit to clear extended rail.

Amega Ranges rail: installs with no modification.

  • Item #: ACCU-Strut LT - Black
  • Manufacturer: ACCU-STRUT
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ACCU-Strut LT-Black
  • Condition: New

Accu-Strut LT Barrel strut for Ruger Minis - Black

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