4Sevens Quark Prism Kit
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4Sevens Quark Prism Kit

Included Parts

  • Optical prism enclosed in rubber case
  • Diffuser filter
  • Headstrap

Headstrap Dimensions
"Relaxed" - 23 inches, circumference
"Stretched" - 36 inches, circumference


The Prism attaches to any standard Quark bezel (does not fit the Quark Mini or Quark Turbo). It effectively angles your light 90-degrees, allowing you to use your flashlight hands-free from your belt, vest, or the included Prism headband.

The Prism kit includes a diffuser filter. This glass lens snaps into your Prism (look for the small rubber 'teeth') and diffuses the light into a spotless, even spread.

  • Item #: FS.prism
  • Manufacturer: 4Sevens
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FS.Prism
  • Condition: New

4Sevens Quark Prism Kit

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