Tactical Responder Body Armor - Black
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Tactical Responder Body Armor - Black


Tactical Responder is a versatile body armor carrier system available to EMT paramedics, fire rescue personnel, law enforcement agencies, civilians, and survival “preppers”. Originally developed for tactical paramedics, the Tactical Responder body armor vest is currently deployed by first responders in the field. Tactical Responder is a “one-size-fits-most” soft armor vest that adjusts at the shoulder and waist. MOLLE covers each shoulder strap as well as both front and back panels, allowing for customization with MOLLE gear used for an array of ap- plications. Whether it’s a cross-draw back up, mag pouches, range bags, tactical pouches, or medic pouches, the user is always ready to take on any situation.

Tactical Responder is not your average body armor vest. Our ballistic body armor is comprised of a unique, multi-hit capable, patent-pending assembly of ballistic materials that capture projectiles and disperses the energy of those projectiles over the entire surface of the panel. This proprietary combination of materials gives the Tactical Responder highly effective ballistic performance characteristics unparalleled in the body armor industry.

Over time, a traditional concealable body armor vest will lose one of the most important ballistic functions it performs: the reduction of back-face signatures. Back-face signature represents the distance a non-penetrating projectile pushes the ballistic package into occupied life space. Significant back-face deformation signatures can lead to severe internal injuries and even death, as performance continues to degrade over time. Because of Tactical Responder Body Armor’s unique design, this reduction in performance will not occur over the life of this ballistic system.


• Front and back MOLLE modular attachment system (PALS compatible)
• Mil-spec industrial reinforced webbing
• Durable 1,000-denier Cordura®
nylon external carrier construction
• Adjustable hook and loop padded shoulder straps with
MOLLE plus two fixed “D” rings
• Adjustable hook and loop side straps – expandable up to 60”
• Rugged Rescue Handle - 1,200 lbs. tensile strength reinforced strap
• Front and back hook and loop ID attachment system - 1 ¾” (h) x 11 ½” (w)
• 7-year warranty
• Made with pride in Gainesville, FL, USA
• Unisex, One size fits most individuals
• Offers one of the largest soft armor coverage areas in the industry
• Ballistic threat level: Meets and exceeds NIJ threat level IIIA - Standard 0101.06
• Front and back protection area: 187 sq. inches (11” (w) x 17” (h) panel)
• Fabricated a proprietary assembly of ballistic materials
• Not rated for Rifle threats
• Weight: Less than 13 lbs.
• Color Variations: Foliage, Tan, Black
• Hand washable only
• Patent Pending


It is generally against Federal Law for a person convicted of a violent felony to purchase or possess body armor. In addition, various States also have laws restricting the purchase or possession of body armor by persons convicted of certain felonies, other crimes of violence, or drug crimes. By purchasing body armor from SOS, you acknowledge and certify that (i) you have no felony convictions, (ii) you have not been convicted of any other crime that would restrict your ability to purchase or possess body armor under any Federal or State law, (iii) you do not intend to use the body armor for any criminal purpose and (iv) you are over 18 years old. SOS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to sell body armor to any person. Additionally, the sale of body armor to residents of Connecticut is restricted to in-person sales, unless the sale is made to certain law enforcement or military personnel.

  • Item #: TR50059
  • Manufacturer: Phalanx Defense Systems
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TR50059
  • Condition: New

Tactical Responder Body Armor - Black

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